Do you work from home? Have you considered a Homeworker Risk Assessment?

Do you work from home?  Have you considered a Homeworker Risk Assessment?

We live in a day and age where more and more people are working from home.  Whether this is full time, part time or just the occasional day.  It’s a fact that thousands of people work from home.

If you use a laptop or computer for your home working, you may find that you suffer from aches and pains which are common symptoms of sitting, or slouching, with bad posture.  Especially if you use the device on your lap or at the dining room table.  A lack of good, basic equipment and knowledge are major contributory features in this

Common symptoms of bad posture include aches and pains in the back, shoulders, head and neck.  All of which can help be alleviated by having a Homeworker Risk Assessment.

Environmental Handling Systems (EHS) has been providing these and Health & Safety courses to many business over the years.  The company specialise in Risk Assessment and the provision of professional training solutions to avoid unnecessary injuries at work.

One area of assessment that is often overlooked is those employees who work from home.  Whether you’re employed by a business or self-employed, you may find your company has a legal and moral responsibility to ensure you are fully aware of how incorrect ergonomics can lead to work related injuries.

On behalf of your company, EHS can visit the home of your employees and fully assess your work station or office. This will help provide your employees with sound advice and best practice guidelines to avoid bad posture.  The company travels all over the UK to provide Homeworker Risk Assessments and all assessors carry ID and are fully Disclosure checked for added peace of mind.  Furthermore their prices are extremely cost effective, especially when measured against litigious claims that may arise.

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