Evacuation Chair training is never boring!!

Evacuation Chair training is never boring!!

A recent Evacuation Chair training session carried out by E H Systems with the fantastic people at Saco.  All delegates were dressed in their onesies and pj’s (proper shoes worn though) raising money for a fantastic charity.  We were happy to help out by dressing down casually for the event and getting into the swing of things.

We run a variety of Health and Safety courses but are specialists in Evacuation Chair training courses and sales.

Please contact us at http://www.ehsystems.co.uk/contact-us for more information.


Where Can You Get the Best Value, Expert Evacuation Chair Training?

Where Can You Get the Best Value, Expert Evacuation Chair Training?

UK based company EH Systems, who specialise in all areas of business strategy, has today announced today that it is currently offering a price match, or better, for like-for-like Evacuation Chair training courses.

The company offers a wide range of B2B services, from start-ups through to very well established businesses and repeat customers.  With many years of experience of taking a product from the initial concept, through the development process and onto marketing and global sales; with various staff training courses being just one of its many areas of expertise.

Managing Director, Paul Mitchell said “EHS was one of the first companies to offer Evacuation Chair training courses, having been in operation since 2004.  Personally I have been responsible for the development, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of evacuation equipment, including tracked stair chairs, patient transit chairs and rescue-sheets, which have all gone on to sell in their thousands all over the world.  So when it comes to training people how to use the equipment, what is considered best practise and what to avoid and to advise of current legislation, I have a solid history and a wealth of experience from the bottom up”.

Evacuation chair training courses (fully-certified) are just one of the many services the company has to offer.  They also have a range of services available for home workers and businesses, from Health & Safety related assessments and training, to innovation, development and strategy; EHS can also streamline your business and assist growth that will take you to the next level and achieve your goals and dreams.

Paul Mitchell made a very valid point “It’s all well and good purchasing an Evacuation Chair, but what happens if it comes to an emergency situation and nobody knows how to use it?  Basically it’s either rendered useless or someone has to take on board a very risky responsibility at the drop of a hat.  Once the equipment has been purchased, it’s essential that responsible members of staff are professionally trained, and well equipped, to correctly use the equipment in line with best practise guidelines.  All businesses and organisations have a legal obligation to provide an equal chance of a safe escape for any staff or visitors who suffer from limited mobility.  This is what evacuation chairs are designed for and although we are able to sell the equipment to companies, we are currently focussing on training courses to offer peace of mind to those responsible for the safety of their staff and visitors”.

More information about the training courses the company offers, as well as their wide range of business assistance services, please visit www.ehsystems.co.uk or send an email to info@ehsystems.co.uk.

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