Rescue-sheet Training

Evacuation Mattress / Rescue Sheet Training

Rescue-sheet Training is essential in order to ensure safe use of the equipment.  Rescue Sheets are particularly useful where the client will need to remain horizontal.  This may be down to several factors such as age, medical condition or the stairs are spiralled and this type of device is a better option.  Care homes and Hospitals are just a couple of examples where the lower cost of this type of equipment is more cost effective, compared with Evacuation Chairs.  All businesses and organisations have a legal obligation to provide an equal chance of a safe escape for any staff or visitors who suffer from limited mobility.

Our Prices

Our Rescue-sheet Training prices are very competitive and we are usually able to offer more attractive rates than larger companies, due to our lower overheads. We believe in clear and transparent pricing, therefore there are no ‘additional’ costs for travel, expenses or certificates. The price you’re quoted is the price you pay.  We offer Basic Operator and Train The Reainer Courses.

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The Benefits of Training

Rescue Sheets / Evacuation Mattresses are an ideal solution for transporting injured, disabled, elderly, or otherwise mobility impaired people who need to remain laying down, to a place of safety during an emergency situation such as a fire. The mattresses have a slippery, underside and long handles which makes it easy to 2 operators to move a person safely along the floor and down the stairs.  When used correctly they are easy-to-use and provide an extremely effective evacuation solution.

We provide training on a range of these types of devices. These do require more attention on the Manual Handling side. Most staircases are suitable including carpeted, metal, concrete and wooden stairs. Also a mild spiral and those with nosing or stair protectors are fine in most cases.

It is always beneficial wherever possible to practice with your chair on your stairs. That said once you have the technique it is easily transferable. So arranging a central course for companies who have multiple locations makes good economic sense.

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Fully Certified Training Courses

Our courses are fully certified and we can train on virtually all types of Rescue Sheets currently on the market.

Training is carried out by a qualified and experienced professional and will teach you how to correctly set-up the chair, to safely use the chair in a variety of situations, make you aware of the difficulties faced by mobility impaired persons and bring you up-to-date with current legislation covering businesses and organisations in relation to the provision of a safe evacuation.

On successful completion of the training course, each trainee will receive a certificate stating they are fully trained and prepared to use an Evacuation Mattress, should the need arise.

For any organisation, being prepared for any emergency is critical to the safety of staff, visitors or the general public but especially so for those with mobility issues. It is no longer the responsibility of the Fire Service to rescue people from your building. That’s why is vitally important to have staff members trained in the correct use of evacuation equipment and to be confident they can assist those who may struggle down the stairs in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Training by our highly experience team will ensure those responsible are competent in using the equipment to minimise the risks involved.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Our pricing is transparent and extremely competitive
  • We are an established & fully accredited business
  • We have over 13 years experience in Evacuation Equipment Training
  • We have designed, manufactured and sold thousands of Evacuation Chairs
  • Our training takes place in-house at your premises at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends
  • Our courses are consistently rated as ‘excellent’ by our customers whether they are large multinational companies, or small local businesses, because we deliver the same level of service not matter the size of the organisation
  • We can tailor a bespoke course exactly to your needs if required

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