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Home Workers Risk Assessment

Home Workers Risk Assessment: EH Systems provide specialist, Workstation Assessments for those employees who work from home as part of their employment.  This comprehensive service looks at all the following to help employers ensure they are complying with the current legislation.  It is also extremely beneficial for the user, because it shows your organisation is looking out for them and their welfare.  Our services also extend to those who permanently work from home, or spend at lot of time sat in front of the screen doing accounts, invoicing and other essential admin work.  This is especially relevant for reducing the risk of injuries associated with bad posture.

What we assess for:

  • Work station suitability
  • Computer screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Working environment and light
  • Chair, equipment and breaks
  • Use of electrical equipment

Certain employers may be unaware that by having employees working from home they are still subject to the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992.  A home workers risk assessment will address this.  Employers may need to make some adjustments to ensure their employees are working in the safest possible manner.  In most cases this can be remedied quite easily and without huge cost.  Occasionally we find cases a more targeted approach may be required.  We are here to assist and have been carrying out these types of assessments for over 12 years.

What areas do we cover?

We’re able to travel to any location and will work hand in hand with your organisation to ensure best practice.  Rest assured that all of our Assessors have a full CRB check for added security, and in addition they carry ID when visiting client homes,.

EHS has helped many people over the years by teaching them how to correctly sit whilst working, the correct height that their screen should be.  Everyone is different, therefore it’s essential that a home workers risk assessment is carried out on an individual basis in order to ensure your work station is set-up correctly, specifically for you.

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