Rescue Mattress Sales

rescue-mattressessRescue Mattress Sales – Competitive Prices Guaranteed

Rescue Mattress Sales are a newer line of business for EHS, which has become possible since our recent  partnership with Evaccess.  Due to our close working relationship we are able to sell rescue mattresses at very competitive prices.  If you’re wondering what a rescue mattress is, there’s a simple answer; initially they were invented as a means of escape for hospital patients in case of emergency, such as a fire.  The old-fashioned mattresses were strapped to the bed and the patient was slid to a place of safety.

The rescue mattresses of today are significantly different in the sense of the modern design twists, comfort and safety.  Patients are securely strapped into the mattress and a very efficient smooth underside enables the loaded mattress to glide along the floor and down stairways, to a safe place.

EHS is also available to provide training courses which ensure your staff are correctly trained to use this safety equipment.  This is a service we would highly recommend for your own peace of mind.. So if you are looking for advice, or a site visit where we can come to you and assess your needs then please contact us directly.

What Models of Rescue Mattress do EHS Sell?


RescmR23 Rescue-mattress (colour red).  Cost £155.00 + VAT.


RescmB2/3 Rescue-mattress (colour blue).  Cost £170.00 + VAT.

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