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Manual Handling Training Where Your Own Staff Can Become In-house Trainers

In addition to our Manual Handling Training course, EHS also offers a course where yourself or a member of your staff can become a trainer.  The benefits of this course are tremendous, which makes this course a very popular choice for larger companies.  You’ll be able to keep your future training courses in-house, provided by your own trainer, therefore cutting costs in the long term.  This type of training facility it useful for companies who have a high staff turnover or use temping staff, perhaps warehouse work would be a good example.  A lot of companies use seasonal staff at busier times of the year.

Your delegates will be trained to ensure the protection of staff in the workplace. Once they learn how to lift, carry, move & transport objects safely, they will be taught how to pass that training downwards through the ranks.

At EH Systems our manual handling training only uses proven techniques, and follows best practise guidelines.  This enables us to show you how to avoid injuries caused by continual bad lifting.  Read what the Health & Safety Executive say about manual handling here.

What Does the Law Say About Manual Handling?

Please see our Manual Handling page for further details.

EH Systems can help businesses to avoid these types of injuries to their employees through the provision of effective and comprehensive training.

As with all of the services we offer, our prices are very competitive and we are usually able to offer a price match for like-for-like training courses.  An additional benefits is that our training course can be tailored to your exact requirements.  Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and one of our specialist trainers will advise on which training solution is best for you and your business.

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