DSE/VDU Assessor Training

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Learn how to Self-Assess your DSE Equipment

Self-Assess Your DSE / VDU Equipment

Key Trainer Course

Assessor Training provides the delegate with the necessary tools to complete a thorough assessment of DSE (Display Screen Equipment) / VDU (Visual Display Units) such as those commonly found as part of a computer workstation.

Subjects covered include:

  • Basic legislation
  • Posture
  • Demonstration
  • Documentation and the assessment process.

Workstations can then be assessed for poor posture, incorrect seat positioning, bad ergonomic set up and general environment.

Once assessed corrective actions are suggested and can then be put straight into action. A full and comprehensive checklist is prepared which is very useful for new starters, if you employ temporary staff or if you have staff returning to work after a period of absence, like maternity / paternity leave or long term sickness.

DSE / VDU equipment assessments will be carried out on selected workstations with the nominated trainees. This way, there will be continuity when the time comes for them to carry out further assessments.

Upon completion the delegate should be able to:

  • Understand the reasons why DSE / VDU assessments are undertaken
  • Have an understanding of current legislation
  • Be able to explain the main hazards associated with incorrect DSE / VDU setup
  • Demonstrate to the user correct setup, techniques and posture
  • Carry out a basic DSE / VDU assessment and record the findings.

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Course Overview

  • The course is conducted in-house
  • The maximum number of delegates allowed per training session is four
  • Each session takes around 3½ – 4 hours.

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