DSE Assessments in London

DSE Assessments LondonWhatever your place of work is from office, home, remote location or hot desk, a professional workstation assessment should be a must for you.  Ehsystems provide a dynamic, cost effective Display Screen Risk Assessment service across London.

Focussing on not just how you sit at your desk, but how you interact with it. The VDU Assessment will look at how you sit, the suitability of your chair, desk, monitor and equipment you use during your worktime. It will also look at the environment you work in including, lighting and noise.  All these factors combined and assessed correctly will help to minimise the potential risks associated with long term display screen use, including back, neck and shoulder pain, sore and tired eyes, headaches, leg, arm discomfort and importantly, upper limb disorders.

The assessment will take place at your place of work at a time that suits you best.  This can include evenings or weekends, at your office or at home if you work from there regularly.  Once completed a full six-page report is produced and highlights the best way forward to help alleviate any issues identified.  A further summary sheet is also provided for HR/Personnel staff to see at a glance what actions if any need to be taken.

Whether you have a small office, a one off individual or several hundred employees, Ehsystems can help your organisation to promote a safer working environment and one that complies fully with the relevant HSE guidelines.  This service is available across London and the M25.

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