DSE/VDU Assessments

DSE Risk Assessments. Woman Working At Desk Suffering From Backache
Woman Working At Desk Suffering From Backache

Ensure the Safety of Everyone Using Your Display Screen Equipment

EH Systems offers DSE Risk Assessments for the workplace to ensure that your business runs best practice for DSE workstations.  To find out more about our DSE Risk Assessments, and how we can hep you to minimise aches, pains and sick-time in the work place, simply Contact us today.

What Does the Law Say About DSE Risk Assessments?

Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 [PDF], every business has a duty to minimise the risks associated whilst working with visual display units (VDU) by ensuring that workstations, chairs and equipment are ergonomically designed and positioned.

The regulations apply to staff who habitually use VDUs as a significant part of their normal work. This includes employees who work from home.

Staff who spend more than a few hours each day working with DSE/VDU equipment may experience headaches, neck and lower back pain, sore arms and shoulders or a combination of these problems.

As an employer you are required to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who uses your equipment.

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Comprehensive DSE Workstation Assessments

EH Systems will visit your premises and carry out comprehensive DSE risk assessments of all your workstations.

Typically, DSE Risk Assessments involve:

  • Correcting instances of poor seating and/or posture
  • Modifying desk layout
  • Improving the general working environment
  • Enhancing ergonomic awareness

DSE assessments may also include off-site personnel, staff working from home or staff using shared/serviced offices.

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DSE Risk Assessments Report

A detailed DSE workstation assessment report will be prepared containing corrective actions where appropriate for all workstations, display screen equipment / visual display units.

The report can always be referred back to as a reference document. This is especially useful if you have new starters, agency staff, temporary staff or contractors who visit your offices.

For more information about DSE Workstation Assessments and DSE training or how the law applies to your business, contact EH Systems today to discuss your requirements.

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DSE Assessments

We offer DSE Workstation Assessments across the UK including our “Key Train the Trainer” courses.

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