Tracked Evacuation Chair being used on stairs

Evacuation Chair Training

Who Needs Evacuation Chair Training? Once you’ve purchased an Evacuation Chair, it’s imperative that your staff members are professionally trained to correctly use the equipment in line with best practise guidelines.  All businesses and organisations have a legal obligation to

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DSE Assessments

DSE/VDU Assessments

Ensure the Safety of Everyone Using Your Display Screen Equipment EH Systems offers DSE Risk Assessments for the workplace to ensure that your business runs best practice for DSE workstations. Contact us today to find out more about our DSE

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Manual Handling Courses

Manual Handling Training

Promoting a Culture of Safe Working EH Systems offers comprehensive manual handling training courses to ensure the protection of staff in the workplace. We teach you how to lift, carry, move & transport objects safely; using proven techniques which avoid

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EHS can help you on your product journey, taking an idea from its earliest form and making it a saleable reality.  Our consultancy service can provide guidance and assistance in the following ways; Advice and guidance on the early decisions

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One of our main strengths is in the field of product innovation.  Every company that sells products has a wish list of things they would like it to do, how it would be better if it were lighter and stronger,

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There are no sure fire quick fixes, or routes to instant markets and profit.  These things need to be built on a solid foundation, with cohesive planning that everyone can achieve and buy into.  There is help available out there

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